IT IS ALMOST SAME TO BE ONE VALIDATOR AS BE THE MINER ,BUT AT LEAST STAKE 200000 PTC 1 The account which staked as miners before needs to be unstake to stake as one validator. The unstaked coins will locked 600 blocks. Another way is: create a new account to stake as the validator. HOW TO UNSTAKE: GRENMINING-Mining Account-UNSTAKE 2 Validator configuration requirements: 1 core 2G memory or more, 40G hard disk, 2M net and 1 dedicated IP. (openTCP/UDP 16999 port) 3 For specific operations, refer to the previous mining guide. The difference is that when you open the wallet, you choose a validator and stake 200000 PTC. ![This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x608.png](